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Choosing Portable Welding Machines

Portable Welding Machines are designed to meet the requirements of industrial welding. This type of equipment can operate on two or more voltages, depending on the user's needs. Some machines operate on 120-volts while others operate on 240-volts. The higher voltage gives the welding machine enhanced capabilities.
When selecting a portable welding machine, the user should consider several factors, including its performance value, weight and portability. Some machines are designed to perform a single welding process, while others perform multiple welding processes. Choosing a portable welding machine based on these factors will help users choose the right one.
Portable Welding Machines are available with different features and price ranges. Some models are ideal for occasional welders, while others are designed for professionals.
Before purchasing a portable welding machine, write down your project list and decide which one best fits your needs. Think about the metal thickness and the total welding volume you need to accomplish, and stick to your budget. Keep in mind that some portable welding machines may not come with a sample wire, ground clamp, or other safety equipment.